Once upon a time, there was a girl called Jenny Jones. The way she saw the world was really quite special because what other people saw as round, Jenny saw as square. And the other way round!

Doesn’t that sound quite extraordinary? When we were making the story, we thought “Wouldn’t it be fun if everyone could see the world through Jenny’s eyes?”. So we built lots of fun puzzles and little games to help you do just that.

Then we found the quirkiest and most whimsical people to write and draw her story for you.

John Sheterline

John is happy when he has a quill in one hand and a piece of paper in front of him. He's even happier when the paper has words on it. He can be found staring up at the sky and daydreaming.

Bernie Quah

Bernie is a thinker and dreamer at heart. She believes that if she can visualise it, she can make it happen. She aspires to live an authentic life buit on courage and kindness.

And put it all together into a fun-filled app and ebook for you to play with on your iPad.

We hope you’ll have lots of fun playing with Jenny Jones. If you want to say hello then you can write to her at
We’ll make sure she gets your note. Goodbye for now!